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Fleas are a nuisance, especially in the case of pets. Fleas can cause hair loss and dermatitis to dogs and cats, and are particularly harmful to animals with allergies.

Fleas can also spread to areas where pets rest. If the problem is not addressed, flea population can increase rapidly. Many people think fleas are passive insects, but in fact they can jump up to eight inches.

Dangers of fleas include the transfer of bacteria and disease, infections, and runaway breeding. Fleas can spread to carpets, furniture, and other areas of homes and businesses.

All Platinum Pest Control™️ specialists conduct a comprehensive review of a flea situation, formulate a plan, apply treatment, then follow up to ensure the problem does not happen again.

The specialists at All Platinum Pest Control™️ have many years of experience identifying and treating problems related to fleas and their larvae. Call us today at (718) 710-9982 or email us at bugs@allplatinumpestcontrol.com to learn more.

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